Are those beans in your satchel?

UpdatesAugust 5, 2016

It’s been a little bit since the XP system was first introduced and players have had the opportunity to play the shit out of it revealing various imbalances that needed to be corrected to make the general quality of life better. The Facepunch team published today that they didn’t realise how unbalanced it all was because most of their team didn’t play past level 20 in testing and that once they did they realised what they needed to adjust. This patch has those adjustments so let’s take a little look at them.

There are a few items that needed to be unlocked at lower levels, the biggest one being shelves. Shelves are now available at level 5 and are 80% cheaper to craft, woohoo! That should negate the need for all of these silly (yet somewhat impressive) stacked box glitches in rocks and the likes. They’re an important part of setting up a base and this drop is a great move. With that ladders are available at level 10, and the wood, wood and wire, and metal barricades have been dropped to levels 8, 12, and 14 respectively. These basic base defense items are critical to ensuring you survive the early game and make it to the end. The water pipe shotgun has been dropped to level 13, which means you can get armed up sooner rather than later with a better weapon of sorts. I think most would agree that nakeds with water pipes are a nightmare, so now you can be a nightmare sooner.

Along with these changes we’ve heard mention of the research system returning in some form or another. There’s more to come on this later but for now all we know is there’ll be a mix up of XP and research like the old blueprint system to make things less grindy.

When raiding got a nerf recently most players had to wait until close to a wipe to raid, that’s about the only time they could get their hands on C4. This is where the satchel charge comes in. We’re all familiar with the bean can grenade. It’s that super unstable exploding thing that has about a 50% chance of blowing your hand off, the rest of the time not doing anything at all. Perhaps a little dramatic, but it’s still a super crude grenade and easy to craft. Using a few bean cans and a small stash you too can make the satchel charge and head out raiding.

There’s a bunch of other small changes this patch that are worth taking a look at so make sure you head on over and look through the recent Devblog.