Building Damage Changes

UpdatesJune 3, 2015

Coming up in this weeks updates are changes to the way building damage is dealt. We’ve been able to rotate walls and other parts of a building in the past, showing the different sides, inside and outside. When it came to damage previously it was all dealt evenly however this in changing in favour of the home owner.

We’re unsure about the specifics of the damage differences at this time but we’ve seen reports that the outside of buildings will take a 10th of the damage dealt by melee attacks and half the damage dealt by explosives. Some aesthetic changes have been made to various building components to make it easier to identify the inside from the outside which includes adding bars or pipes to the inside of the armoured tier.

With the recent addition of ladders making buildings more accessible this change should hopefully level it all back out again. No doubt they’ll tweak these numbers a bit in coming weeks but it’s a great change nonetheless.