Cartographer has moved to a closed beta period, such excite.

General UpdatesNovember 2, 2015

After a couple of months of development Cartographer (aka RustyPickaxe) has finally reached a stage where it’s suitable for public testing. We’re operating in a closed testing period at the moment and granting access to server administrators as requested.

Cartographer generates zoomable maps for Rust that shows monuments and resources that can be filtered. We initially started out showing resources using existing base map resources that were already out there but we quickly found they lacked the resolution we needed and set off to create our own with great success.

We’re so proud of what Cartographer has turned into and we hope you love it also. If you’d like to see a demo of what Cartographer can produce you can find one here. If you’d like to get involved and test Cartographer for your server visit our contact form and let us know about you and your server.

When Cartographer is ready to go for public consumption it will be located at and it will allow server administrators and everyone else interested to generate maps for their map seed and size on demand. We will also be proactively generating maps for the more popular servers to save a little time and will provide more details about that when we have sorted the mechanics of it out.