Cartographer just needed a little salt.

UpdatesNovember 6, 2015

The new update for Rust today introduced the server.salt convar for server administrators which gives them the ability to randomise the layouts of resources, monuments, and other map decorations simply by changing the server.salt value. This is an important change as it gives server administrators more control over their servers.

We have a tool called Cartographer that allows you to generate a map, with resource maps, for any seed and size server. The problem with this however is it was easily abused by players of servers they don’t own generating their own resource maps giving them an unfair advantage. Cartographer was originally developed with only server administrators in mind, we didn’t develop the tool for players, so this is a welcome change. We believe that server administrators should be able to have 100% control over the information disseminated about their servers, decided wether or not they want to give their players access to resource maps for example.

Cartographer was updated this morning to take into account the new salt value and after some quality checking we’re happy to announce it’s ready to roll. We’ve also opened up Cartographer to the public as well allowing any server administrator access to generate a map for their server. If you are a server administrator it’s also important that you set a server.salt configuration value on your server and don’t leave it default out of the box. Much like the seed or the size you should change this value whenever you change those.