Procedural or Hapis Island Server?

GeneralMay 24, 2015

Before the new version of Rust was born there was one static map that every server used. When it was changed to the new “Experimental” version, which is now the current version, the developers moved to a procedural map instead which uses a Seed (random number) and a Size to generate a random map that’s decorated with trees, rocks, and other decorations at random. The Rust developers have spent a tonne of time working on… Read More

Hello, Newmans!

GeneralMay 19, 2015

We love Rust and if you’ve made it to Rustfanatic chances are you love Rust as well or want to know what it’s all about. Our goal is to educate fresh Newmans on the ins and outs of gameplay as well as providing updates to established Newmans on new features and improvements that we think you should get excited about. We’re still a work in progress and will be getting content up as quickly as we… Read More