The Patrol Helicopter probably hates you and here’s why.

GuidesMay 28, 2016

The patrol helicopter is one of those in game elements that most players hear coming and run for their lives when it’s near. It’s mean and powerful and those aren’t a great combination when you get its attention. Something that hasn’t been entirely clear however is just how the patrol helicopter goes about taking out a jihad on players. We did a little digging to discover how it makes its decisions and found it’s actually… Read More

Farming in Rust. Pumpkins and Corn, Yee-haw!

Guides UpdatesJune 18, 2015

It’s a new week and of course there are some new things to get excited over and wouldn’t you believe it, it’s farming. The last few weeks have seen the doors on passive existence blow open just after the ability to pick up items from the ground and now we can grow items in the ground. Currently we’ve got Pumpkins and Corn available to grow. As you’re searching around the world you’ll come across seeds… Read More

Getting To Know Hapis Island

GuidesJune 10, 2015

Update: Hapis Island has changed a fair amount since we wrote this. Make sure you check out and utilise Rustfanatic Maps to see or generate the current Hapis Island map. Hapis Island is growing to be one of the most popular maps in Rust. Introduced as a static map rather than a procedurally generated one it’s more of a nicely curated world than a map. Rust used to have a static map, those of you… Read More