The Mining Quarry is very real and nearly here!

Items UpdatesJune 12, 2015

Ok so this is the shit. It didn’t make it into the update this week due to time constraints but the Mining Quarry made it into the development release and we had a chance to play with it. Actually scratch that, hours after this post the Rust development team decided they’d just push the update anyway so the Survey Charge and Mining Quarry are now live for all to get busy with. Rust has just… Read More

Introducing the Small and Large Water Catchers

Items UpdatesJune 12, 2015

Today’s update introduced the¬†Small and Large¬†Water Catchers for players to get their hands on. The Water Catchers are items that can be deployed that collect clean drinkable water from the air via rain and dew. Right now there’s no rain system in Rust but judging by the recent Dev Blog that’ll soon be added. For the time being we’ll have to pretend these bad boys operated solely by the dew that settles on them. When… Read More

The Rock

ItemsMay 28, 2015

The Rock is one of two items you start with when you join the world as a fresh Newman. It is probably the single most important tool you will ever use, it kick starts everything you are working towards. You can use the rock to bash trees to get wood. It can be used to bash rocks on the ground to gather ore and stones. It can be used to bash other Newmans should they… Read More