The server is still online, we also have a full forced wipe coming this week.

UpdatesJuly 13, 2016

Don’t panic! The server is still online. We just moved it to larger hardware to get that performance increase we’ve been hunting for. At around 10am AEST/Brisbane this morning we shutdown and moved the server over to new hardware along with which came a new IP Address. The new IP Address means that the server will no longer show up in your history and you’ll need to search for it in the server list. We’ve… Read More

Goodbye XP progress, and hopefully lag.

UpdatesJuly 11, 2016

We’re all intimately familiar with the XP update by now. It’s been the big-ticket item that most people have been waiting for and has been getting a tonne of pre-play on the pre-release branch. Now that the XP system has been rolled out to main and is live on all servers however we’ve come across some real issues that have made the last few days a real shit heap of a ride. When the patch… Read More

Sometimes Barren can be a good thing.

UpdatesJune 17, 2016

The development team has been slowly trucking away towards the release of the XP leveling system and as it stands on the pre-release branch it’s looking as though it’s nearly ready to go. The team has advised in their recent DevBlog that they’re aiming for the next forced wipe happening on the 8th of July (AEST/Brisbane) but it’s not completely set in stone, more a goal, so we’ll see what happens. We’re keen to get… Read More