Salt water is on the boil and grow houses become possible.

UpdatesMay 13, 2016

We got a tiny little update this week but the changes that came with it are of course worth mentioning. The first and most notable of these is the introduction of the Water Purifier. When placed over a camp fire you can load the Water Purifier up with salt water and it will boil it down to consumable water instead! Along with this your hydration levels have now been adjusted to 250 max instead of… Read More

There’s something fishy about this update…

UpdatesMay 6, 2016

The snow biome is back and this excites us! This was always our favourite area on the older maps. It was a place for more established players to setup in what was somewhat of a noob free zone being that it’s too cold to hang about in without gear. It’s where it used to be, in the north, but smaller and less arctic, nonetheless it’s back and we’re keen to go all ultimate survival Alaska… Read More

Do you see the seawater?

UpdatesApril 22, 2016

The water system from last week got a bump this week with the introduction of salt water and other collection methods. If you were thirsty prior to these last couple of weeks you certainly shouldn’t be anymore. Newman’s now have the ability to drink water straight from the world by looking down at it and hitting E. You have to be super careful though because if you go and drink salt water you’re going to… Read More