Let’s get wet playing with Flame Throwers!

UpdatesApril 15, 2016

These little mid-wipe patches don’t often yield a lot of crazy new stuff but this patch we got a couple of cool little items, one of which is going to become part of a much larger game mechanic. The first of these items is the Flame Thrower. This pretty little thing consumes low grade fuel like a fat kit consumes a muffin but it is absolutely spectacular. It has no issues destroying wood construction and… Read More

In these heels? I don’t think so.

UpdatesApril 8, 2016

I’m finally back from Japan after a few weeks away from Rust and finally this week welcomes back the female player model! Your gender in game can now be either male or female (no in-betweens just yet) and it’s based on your Steam ID. You might just join a server today and find things on your body that are missing and weren’t there before. It’s really cool having the female model in game, it changes… Read More

You could hear a pin drop…

UpdatesMarch 11, 2016

Rust development has been moving slowly over the last month or so. The team has been busy working on system tweaks or other features that aren’t that visible, but do help overall with how Rust works and behaves from a player and stability point of view. It’s one of those processes that takes a fair bit of time but is necessary for a polished product, especially when trying to move out of early access which… Read More