Up, up, and away!

UpdatesJanuary 28, 2016

First the wall frames were built, now the floor frames have just been introduced to the prerelease branch. The new floor frames do exactly as you’d expect, they allow you to “build” a hole into your floor/roof and fit items into that like hatches with ladders and grills to keep your base secure, but still allow you to look/move up outside or to the next level. These things are super cool and should negate the… Read More

Do you wanna build a Prison?

UpdatesJanuary 25, 2016

If it were a Prison instead of a Snowman maybe Elsa would have been interested. Who hasn’t wanted to build a prison in Rust? There’s just something so right about putting down a bed for an unsuspecting victim and waiting until they spawn into their new home away from home. If all goes well we should be seeing the new Wall Frame, and insertable items coming up in this weeks update, but it could be… Read More

Laser sights and Flashlight weapon attachments are nearly here!

UpdatesJanuary 20, 2016

Some development commits have dropped through this morning and looks like we’ve got the Laser Sight and Flashlight weapon attachments on the way. These are weapon attachments that are from legacy Rust back in the day and they were absolutely fantastic. Anyone who has memories of raids and field battles in legacy will recall the spray of light from the flashlight attachments and the beams from the laser sights lighting up the sky. Right now… Read More