Do you see the seawater?

UpdatesApril 22, 2016

The water system from last week got a bump this week with the introduction of salt water and other collection methods. If you were thirsty prior to these last couple of weeks you certainly shouldn’t be anymore. Newman’s now have the ability to drink water straight from the world by looking down at it and hitting E. You have to be super careful though because if you go and drink salt water you’re going to spew everywhere and enough of it will dehydrate and kill you. Salt water is any water you find that’s at sea level at this point. If you’re drinking from streams which are in no short supply you should be safe, just make sure to check some other person isn’t doing their business further upstream.

Collecting water is now a bit easier as well with the introduction of the Water Jug. The Water Jug is like the Bucket with a smaller capacity. The Bota Bag has been adjusted also, it costs just 15 cloth now and is a default blueprint. Like the Bucket the Water Jug and Bota Bag can be filled up from water sources in world as well as from the Water Barrel and Water Catchers. One last thing, the Water Barrel now has double the capacity, woot.

Now that hydration is key some other things have been adjusted around that. If you’re dehydrated you won’t be able to sprint at all. Further to this sprinting also chews more calories and you’ll find that you’ll need to be eating and drinking a lot more if you’re running all over the place, meep meep. Bleeding has received a tiny adjustment and it will now take longer to bleed out when you get injured giving you more time to make a bandage or find help.

That’s it for this week. We’re all a little bit more moist than we were yesterday and it’s for the better. If you haven’t heard the spewing sound yet make sure you go take a swig of seawater. The Facepunch team has gone to the effort of recording gagging and sloshing sounds for maximum effect, well done guys!