Do you wanna build a Prison?

UpdatesJanuary 25, 2016

If it were a Prison instead of a Snowman maybe Elsa would have been interested. Who hasn’t wanted to build a prison in Rust? There’s just something so right about putting down a bed for an unsuspecting victim and waiting until they spawn into their new home away from home.

If all goes well we should be seeing the new Wall Frame, and insertable items coming up in this weeks update, but it could be the next one after depending on how smoothly development goes. The Wall Frame is exactly that, it’s just the outer sides of a wall which can be upgraded to any tier and you can build items into them to get a new look and feel for your base. You build the Wall Frame using the building planner like you would the Door Frame or Wall.

The insertable items include Prison Wall, Prison Gate, Chain Link Wall, Chain Link Gate, Shop Wall/Door, and Double Door versions of all the different current doors we have. Being able to build compounds with these new building ingredients is going to make bases jump to a whole different level of look and feel and we’re expecting some pretty cool things.

We had a play around with the building parts on the development server, and while not functional just yet, they can be used to build with just fine and they look fricken sweet. While we have a large element of PvP on the server we get particularly excited by new items especially when they’re building related. We’re looking forward to seeing these introduced to the game and what players will do with them.