Dungeons are in! Procgen11 is here!

UpdatesDecember 4, 2015

Dungeons are ready to roll and we have them this week. These impressive monuments that open up huge intricate spaces for players to look for loot and encounter each other as they move around. To begin, the Satellite Dish monument has had a makeover and now stands tall with a broken down and rekt twin, but a twin nonetheless, and it’s surrounded by challenging terrain.

As new additions we have the Water Treatment Plant, the Train Yard, the Power Plant, and the Military Tunnel. Each of these dungeons vary in nature but generally they are huge spaces with hidden rooms and corners topped off with tunnels that go underground and twist and turn all over the place taking you to different parts of the dungeon. Pump Jacks have resurfaced but this time only in some of these new dungeons, you can’t craft them, rather only occupy them like the quarries around the place, and it’s likely larger clans will take control of the Pump Jacks at these dungeons to give them an advantage on any map. Like the other monuments around the map you’ll find high sniping points and low hiding points which will require a bit of tricky parkour to get up and inside of. Of course each of these monuments are littered with repair and research tables and tonnes of loot.

There have been some bug fixes made around weapon reloading which was a little derpy previously with weapons not reloading at all or reloading weirdly. Along with this the Eoka Pistol has been tweaked to actually work. Previously it was a useless weapon which wasn’t worth the light of day but with spread doubled, cost reduced, and damage tweaked, it might just become a handy and cheap sidearm.

Rust now also has a proper input system allowing you to rebind your keys to whatever you need in game using the main menu. Theres not too much to say here apart from, hell yeah, new key binds!

Stacking items is out, if you cancel a crafting job that uses 10k wood you won’t get a 10k stack of wood back anymore, you’ll get 10 x 1k stacks of wood, the way it should be. Stacking has been used up until this point so players could collect crazy amounts of wood, stones, and ore while out on farming missions. It’ll be interesting to see how this slows progress down on builds.

The terrain generation system has entered its next version called Procgen11. With this new version we’ve got a tonne of tweaks aimed at making the world sexier in every way. We’ve got new tweaks such as brand new coastline generation, big water streams near the coast, chances of small islands being generated, and high cliffs with deep canyons. Along with this there are new environments and artwork for the Tundra and Underwater got some love so it’s not just a baron wasteland of sand. Notably the snow biome has been removed to the north and you’ll only find it at the higher terrain of mountains which makes sense. Overall the terrain is looking a tonne nicer and we can’t wait to explore it all.

As always there are some other subtle changes and advancements going on that are worth taking a look at on the Devblog so make sure you head over and check it out.