Get to the chopper!

UpdatesSeptember 18, 2015

The team did it, they finally added a guardian-esque style NPC to Rust that would strike fear into the players combined. This week saw the terrifying (to some) introduction of the PvE helicopter event. Rust always had the one server event in the form of the Airdrop which is now joined by the Helicopter.

The Helicopter is currently an incomplete work and has a lot of work to go until it’s ready to go live but at the moment it seems they’re just establishing just how over or under powered it truly is.

The Helicopter event will run on a server every few days-ish, or whenever a server administrator calls it. When it starts it will fly in from the ocean to the beach, then it’ll make its way around all of the map monuments and rad towns all the while looking for players to engage. The Helicopter won’t attacked freshly spawned Newmans or those who don’t pose a threat, but if you’re carrying weapons or armour then you’ll probably find it’ll pay special attention to you.

The Helicopter has some serious health on board with 10,000 HP to start. There’s just no way you can bring it down by shooting willy nilly all over the place. The method here is to shoot out the tail rotor, main rotor, and engine. Once these are done you’ll see flames and smoke pouring out which indicates you can now focus on the Helicopter itself. If you’re lucky enough to shoot it down you’ll be treated to some high value loot once the fuel fire and thick black smoke (which can be seen for miles) clears.

Apart from this incredibly huge addition there were a couple of other cool additions. The Holo Sight has been added and it’s sleek and wonderful to use. It makes the jitter of the weapon pretty damn obvious but we’ve been assured that’s going to be fixed soon. The High Stone Walls were topped off with razor wire and spikes in this patch making them quite the pain to get past, they were also given more 500 more HP, taking them to a total of 2000 HP, or in raiding terms, 8 C4 to take down. The first iteration of the gates has also reared it’s head and these Jurassic Park looking things need some work. While they look cool they’re pretty damn slow, however they are lockable and do the job necessary.

Don’t forget that we’re on two weekly updates at the moment so sit tight and enjoy the current additions and we’ll see what they come up with over the following couple of weeks.