Getting To Know Hapis Island

GuidesJune 10, 2015

Update: Hapis Island has changed a fair amount since we wrote this. Make sure you check out and utilise Rustfanatic Maps to see or generate the current Hapis Island map.

Hapis Island is growing to be one of the most popular maps in Rust. Introduced as a static map rather than a procedurally generated one it’s more of a nicely curated world than a map.

Rust used to have a static map, those of you who used to play the previous version would remember it and its charm. The new procedural system is fantastic and in itself is incredibly powerful if you consider what it’s achieving in a random way but it just doesn’t have the same feel as Hapis Island.

There’s been a bit of debate around what the name actually means and all signs are pointing to Prison Island with Hapis meaning Prison in Turkish. Judging by the way the island is structured that seems to make sense but it’s yet to be confirmed.

Hapis Island is formed around a huge mountain. At the south of the island you’ll find a lake with the first Rad Town not too far away. Continuing a little north west you’ll find the Airfield which is the next Rad Town. West of the Airfield is a lighthouse which will sometimes spawn boxes to loot. North of the Lighthouse and Airfield is yet another Rad Town and an offshoot road that will take you around to the north side of the island.

At the time of writing there’s not much happening on the north side of the island but it’s a great place to setup base with resources being plentiful and tunnels connecting you back to the south side and directly to the middle of the island. In the middle of Hapis Island, at the top of the mountain, you’ll find another Town but in this case there’s no radiation so that’s a big plus! There are a few spawns around the area but not as many as you’d find in a proper Rad Town. It’s also a great place to get yourself established as being cold it keeps the fresh Newmans away, but keep in mind that those who can get up there are probably well equipped and could potentially raid you easier so keep your base secure.

At this time most things exist on the West side and North side of Hapis Island with the rest being a little bare. Bare can be a good thing though, with no roads and no Rad Towns or Towns it can be a great place to setup base. No doubt this will change in the future as the Rust development team add features by the handful every week.

Check out the map of Hapis Island we keep up to date in the sidebar at the right. The roads are in blue, with tunnels represented as dashed sections. Rad Towns, Towns, and Lighthouses are in yellow to make them easier to find.