Goodbye ladders as we know them, and hello safer bases.

UpdatesAugust 28, 2015

We’re moving back into that decent update territory again with beefier progress. This week has a couple of decent changes that have some of the community outrage and some relieved.

The most obvious change this week is the brand new menu system that Garry spent some time implementing. It’s a layout that’s been borrowed from CS:GO and it looks great. With the new menu we now have the ability to set some meta information on our server including a banner image and description which will allow us to deliver information to players as they connect like last wipe, next wipe, and TeamSpeak server information. Along with that is a new recent server list on the first screen and a new shop layout for the community content.

Aiming weapons is now a little bit harder with a lazy aim system implemented. There’s a bit of a dead zone in the middle of the screen now and when it comes to aiming it means your weapon will point in a different direction to your eyes subtly as you move your mouse instead of moving your whole body. This does counter the ability to draw a dot in the middle of the screen to get your aim dead on every time. It’s a barely noticeable change but will help with those people skirting the rules a little bit to their advantage.

The second biggest change this week is the ladder system, this is the one that has some players in a meltdown. You can no longer build ladders without building permission, effectively making building skirts and overpowered raiding a potential thing of the past. Along with this the tool cupboard zone shape has been adjusted which means you can’t place them 5 stories up and expect them to protect your entire base, they have to be placed closer to the lower levels in order to protect them.

Decay has been adjusted on servers that use it. Decay always existed to remove old abandoned buildings over time instead of having them accumulate all over the place. Decay is now based on a timer, which will be reset on a building object when a door is operated within 40 meters. There are two parts to decay, the timer, then the duration. The timer is how long it takes until the building object starts being destroyed, and this is the component that is reset by the doors each time. The timer for each tier is 6 hours for Twig, 12 Hours for Wood, 12 Hours for Stone, 12 Hours for Sheet Metal, and 24 Hours for Amour. The duration is how long it takes for a building object to be completely destroyed from full health once destruction has started (at the end of the timer). The duration for each tier is 6 hours for Twig, 24 hours for Wood, 48 hours for Stone, 72 hours for Sheet Metal, and 120 hours for Armour. So for example, if you place a twig wall then walk away forever it will start counting down, then after 6 hours it will start decaying, the decay will take 6 hours to fully destroy the wall. If you opened a door near that wall at any point in the first 6 hours that timer would restart back to 6 hours again and so forth.

Crafting speed has been given a bit of a nudge with the lower level items dropping from 2 minutes to around 30-60 seconds. This makes sense and makes it all a bit easier for new players.

There have been some other performance tweaks. Projectile ricochet has been improved, new moments are in the works, and new clothing skins are underway. Sounds have been overhauled a bit and shuffled around to make everything sound a little bit more realistic.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Dev Blog over on the Rust website for more detailed information.