Hapis Island Update (Version 3)

UpdatesJune 2, 2015

Update: Hapis Island has changed a fair amount since we wrote this. Make sure you check out and utilise Rustfanatic Maps to see or generate the current Hapis Island map.

The Rust development team has been working hard to make changes to the terrain generation engine for this next release this week and as part of that they’re expanding Hapis Island to version 3 with some new roads, a tunnel, and in general some really kick ass looking terrain, decorations, and shading.

We took an opportunity this morning to fly around the Development server to take a look at this and we’re just really stoked with what’s in store. This week there will definitely be a wipe as part of the update, we’ve known that for a few weeks, these terrain and map changes are so significant that a map wipe is absolutely necessary.

Up until this point there’s always been two halves of Hapis Island separated by the huge snow mountain in the middle. One half had the loop road which went up into the mountain with all the Rad Towns, the other half was completely empty, this has changed. A road has been established from the Communications Rad Town at the top of the snow mountain to the Pumping Pipe Rad Town just below it which runs completely around the backside of the mountain. Excuse the town names, it’s just what we call them, if there are other names out there let us know!

This new road which runs around the back of Hapis Island follows some really dramatic cliff lines from the lower Rad Town until you hit the first tunnel on the Hapis Island map. This tunnel is one of the most exciting features added yet as it provides a really close quarters pass through which I’m sure will cause some Newmans to erupt into battle, control the entire length of, or establish bases at each end collecting tolls (in the form of lives we’re sure) as people try to pass.

While there are no Rad Towns yet on the other side of Hapis Island it’s small enough that you don’t need them just yet. The road has been stretched along there as a nice winded path with an offshoot going to lighthouse number two on that side.

All in all we’re extremely excited about Hapis Island version 3 and we can’t wait for you to give it a go. For the impatient you can always connect to the Rustfanatic development server and give it a go yourself. The Development server can be unreliable from time to time as it updates the moment the Rust team pushes changes but it’s always an option for that sneak preview.