Holy hell, what a week for updates!

UpdatesJune 26, 2015

Let’s get into it. The Rust god decided in the last week to post on Reddit that he’d like people to report bugs or wants in the game and he received a huge response of over 191 points that needed addressing. Following that he’s been spending all week shining the shit out of the game so hard we’ll be able to see our face in the reflection.

A lot of the updates that have been made surround balancing the game out a bit. When a new feature is introduced the numbers that are associated with it aren’t always set in stone, they need to be adjusted over time so they make sense and a good way of working this out is letting the feature out into the wild for players to test. An example of this is how much wood a tree drops when you hit it with a Stone Hatchet. They’ve made building cheaper for some building parts, especially those that are half the size of others, in particular all the triangle building parts. Other parts have also been made cheaper to a certain degree, like doors, half walls, window bars, and pillars. This all make sense, they aren’t as big as their other counterparts like foundations or walls, so they shouldn’t cost as much. During the rebalance the cheaper items have less health, but in saying that when you hit them with a melee weapon they’ll lose their health at the same rate so their protection is still the same. Demolishing an item is back but only for 10 minutes after you place it down, in doing this rotating an item is now only possible for 10 minutes after which it’s fixed in place.

Balancing was extended out to other places as well with C4 only damaging the building part it was placed on and any AI or players in the blast radius. This is how it used to be in legacy, and we think this is how it should be, more of a breaching charge rather than a nuclear blast. The Codelock is a default blueprint now. Yeah you heard right, this is an an update that really excites us as finding that thing in the past was a real pain in the shit hole. Along with being default, when you enter the wrong passcode it’ll also give you a small shock to say “hey, you’re not welcome here, piss off”. Gunpowder now crafts twice as fast, charcoal is produced less from fires and furnaces, and when charcoal is produced and spits out all over the ground it’ll stack with any charcoal it hits and each time it stacks it’ll reset the de-spawn timer on the stack, brilliant. The Mining Quarry also got a bit of a bump this week, it’s now faster, and produces 3x as many resources.

There have been some tweaks to how players appear based on their Steam ID, generally players will be different in many different ways now and should start becoming uniquely recognisable from a distance. There was a little hype generate around this patch in regards to the penis size of some Newman’s, while our team got away with deli sausages some ended up with an innie more than anything else, a sink hole. This is prompted a few players to consider creating a new Steam account to roll the dice again just to get their battle wands as big as possible. Heh.

Weather is in and it’s absolutely fantastic. The Weather in Rust is totally unique on a day to day basis and no two days are promised to be the same. You’ll get rain or snow depending on the biome you’re in and some cool fog to go along with it from time to time. The water catchers now collect water from the rain and fog, and you’ll get wet and cold if you stand outside in it for two long so make sure you hold up in your base or cave if it gets too rough.

The Semi-Auto Pistol and Road Sign Jacket made it into this weeks update giving us some new toys to play with and some rebalancing was done to ammo and weapons over the course of the week. The sight on the Bolt was fixed so it’s not off centre anymore, and the rate of most ammunition was increased which will make it easier to land a shot from a distance.

These are the biggest updates this week with a tonne of small tweaks also made, don’t forget to check out the Dev Blog to see the change log, it has all the changes in detail for you to salivate over.

There will most likely be a server wipe on both servers next week with some changes being planned for the Procedural generation system so say goodbye to your bases over the course of the next week and get ready for the cycle to start again.