In these heels? I don’t think so.

UpdatesApril 8, 2016

I’m finally back from Japan after a few weeks away from Rust and finally this week welcomes back the female player model! Your gender in game can now be either male or female (no in-betweens just yet) and it’s based on your Steam ID. You might just join a server today and find things on your body that are missing and weren’t there before. It’s really cool having the female model in game, it changes the look and feel of the players up a heap. The Facepunch team have also done considerable work to the whole player model and rendering side of things as well and in general across the board player models are looking great.

The ceiling light got a bit of a bump this week because it wasn’t working quite as expected. With this patch it has a wider angle and throws a little more ambient light much to the glee of anyone who’s been using it. Previously the ceiling light felt a little bit like the worlds weakest LED stuck to the ceiling.

There have been a few other general fixes this week around armour not working quite as expected after some adjustments last week, medical syringes being returned buffed a little bit after their nerf last week, and grenades being improved generally to be more accurate and to handle a little bit better. This includes the bean can grenade which is a little bit more reliable, it’ll blow up less in your hands, yay!

Environmentally the world is looking better with every major patch and this one is no exception. There have of course been some procedural terrain generation changes tweaking the layout and setup of everything and it’s looking great. The grass rendering system received a bit of an overhaul making it look a little scraggier and not so soft which is great, we don’t want friendly looking grass, we want “you could die here” grass. Along with the map generation changes resource gathering gained some improvements and ore nodes aren’t so random anymore. If you’re looking for ore nodes just point yourself in the general direction of large rocky areas, the ore will tend to stick around there now as you’d naturally find it in real life.

Theres a bit more to the update this week but nothing getting too excited over. Of course the team has a lot of in progress work happening and it’s always worth checking out the detailed explanations of the state of Rust over at the Devblog.