Introducing the Small and Large Water Catchers

Items UpdatesJune 12, 2015

Today’s update introduced the Small and Large Water Catchers for players to get their hands on. The Water Catchers are items that can be deployed that collect clean drinkable water from the air via rain and dew.

Right now there’s no rain system in Rust but judging by the recent Dev Blog that’ll soon be added. For the time being we’ll have to pretend these bad boys operated solely by the dew that settles on them.

When deployed the Water Catchers will slowly accumulate water in their inventory. You access them much like you would a Furnace or a Camp Fire. When you’re in their inventory you’ll see how much water they’re holding in millilitres. To pull the water our you’ll need a Small Water Bottle or other appropriate vessel for holding water, when you click on the bottle while in the Watcher Catcher there are two buttons that will give and take water between the bottle and the Water Catcher.

Small Water Bottles have been tweaked with a new capacity system that allows them to hold quantities of a certain item, in this case water. When you drink from a Small Water Bottle now it’ll instead reduce the quantity of water it’s holding each and every time until it’s down to zero. At that point it won’t break and you can fill it up again with the Water Catchers, it’s an excellent system.

Right now the Water Catchers are not default blueprints and you will need to find them. Welcome to a world filled with moist Newmans.