Some Newmans just want to watch the world burn.

It’s been very very quiet, and we’ve been busy hunting rabbits.

UpdatesAugust 25, 2015

We’re two weeks in since the last significant gameplay update and hopefully we should have something cool on the way sometime soon. It’s given us a good opportunity to get in game and participate with the community a tonne. The Rustfanatic community is really growing and we’re getting some pretty regular players with a healthy obsession for being naked and afraid.

By the look of it Garry has been working on a new menu system which cleans everything up and integrates the new Steam Inventory system nicely. The new menu system is looking pretty damn sleek and we’re looking forward to its release.

We got word today of a new island on the way called Koth Island. At this point that’s all we know. Word is it might be a compact map for specialised gameplay and events so we’ll keep a close eye on updates in that regard and let you know as we know!

The next wipe will be on the 4th of September so make sure you’re aware of it and everyone else is aware of it, chances are when you login on the 4th everything will be gone and you’ll be naked and alone again. The upside to a wipe is always the potential to start again and try something new, especially with a fresh map. The opportunity of a fresh map means new adventures and extra things to do other than dedicating your life to creating charcoal and killing other players.

We have an update a few days away for RustySpoon, our iOS Administration Tool for Rust. We’ve tweaked a few performance points in the app but also added the ability to give items to players by choosing from a categorised list. You can also give all players on the servers items at the same time, along with the ability to teach all online players a blueprint of your choosing. It should be in the AppStore shortly and can be found at