It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

UpdatesDecember 18, 2015

It’s Christmas time yet again and the Facepunch team is wrapping up the year (pun intended) with some cool little additions and bug fixes before they kick off again next year once again.

The most exciting little feature this Christmas, and to match the theme of the pumpkins for Halloween, is the introduction of some Christmas themed items like Pookie the teddy bear, a Christmas Stocking, candy canes, and some random presents. At various points during the game you’ll hearing some jingle bells start ringing and chances are if you go outside you’ll find some big wrapped boxes you can smash apart for some presents. With these presents you can unwrap them straight away or you can save them up and convert them into a larger present, it’s up to you. They’re the same as blueprints but they’re Christmas themed. Nice right? If you come across a stocking make sure you hang it up near the fire and when you hear those bells ring you might just find something inside.

Christmas is just excellent but there’s more than just holiday related things going on. The Facepunch team have been busy balancing out some exploits over the last couple of weeks, paying special attention to lag exploits which have been causing some issues. This has resulted in some corrections being made to the way lag is handled including some player damage verification checks. If a player has caused some violations (no clip, no fly, or speed hack) they won’t be able to deal damage to a player directly after. This might cause a few issues with battles inside bases as right now players are falsely triggering no clip violations when opening and closing doors but we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully we’re on the right track to getting these irritating lag exploits sorted out soon.

Procgen is getting more love as usual with the aim to make everything a little bit prettier. One of the most stunning things about Rust is the way it looks. The team has put an exceptional amount of effort into making the landscape as stunning as possible and they’ve done a pretty good job of it. Coming up in the near future we’ll be seeing new types of rocks and rock clusters along with some biome adjustments so they don’t all feel the same.

The Facepunch team has a constant struggle with client and server side performance as they change the game and it’s just something that’s inevitable due to the game growing so rapidly. They’ve made some changes this week in regards to physics on some things, notably rain, that should make some difference to the lag players are experiencing in game.

Sleeping bags have had a bit of a nerf to prevent players putting a billion down inside their base and being able to spawn bag infinitely. When you spawn from a sleeping bag you can now no longer spawn at another sleeping bag within a defined radius during that cool down time which by default is 50 meters. This is excellent and should provide for some interesting raids. If the party being raided doesn’t plan well enough they’ll be locked out once they’re killed while the other party helps themselves to everything they’ve worked hard for. Likewise if the raiding party doesn’t plan properly they’ll be killed and game over.

There’s been a tonne of work done on new player meshes over the last couple of months and it’s still a work in progress, but based on the progress so far we should be seeing some excellent new player models soon.

All up this is a simple yet cool update. We got some kickass Christmas related stuff and a heap of bug fixes with a tonne more on the way. It’s inevitable the Facepunch team will slow down over Christmas and New Year as they should and we can’t wait to see what’s released in the coming months.