It’s decided, roughly two weekly wipes for a while.

UpdatesNovember 1, 2015

With the latest patch out last Friday and the new toys like the Auto Turret in we’re just a few steps closer to the next wipe coming up this Friday. Based on the last couple of polls we put out we’re switching our wipe schedule up a bit as a trial to see how our server population fares with more frequent wipes. We’ll be moving to ~2 weekly wipes, with a blueprint wipe whenever Facepunch forces a wipe. We’ve put a calendar up on the site that’ll show when various server events including wipes are going to happen, you can find it in the sidebar on desktop, or right at the bottom in the footer if you’re on a mobile.

There were a few last minute things added before the patch was released on Friday that we’ll take a second to cover. The Auto Turret, throwable things, banners, and signs were added in and made live, you can see some coverage about these on the previous updates. In addition to the rock being throwable the hatchet and stone pick axe were also augmented to be the same. Cupboards received a bit of a tweak to prevent you placing them within each others exclusion zones. This little patch is to prevent players putting a billion cupboards all in the one tiny space, but rather making players spread them out, the way they are supposed to be used, while they’re still in the game.

Facepunch went ahead and removed the half block and half block stairs in this run stating that they’re not being used the way they intended and they’ll provide other means for players to build things like shelves and shooting slits in their bases. The barricades are a little bit taller now to make them more useful, and the high stone walls in return have been increased to 1000 stones each. It’ll be interesting to see how the huge sprawling complexes continue with a price change like this, but given how easy it is to pop down a tonne of quarries it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

There’s a big old memory leak issue going around at the moment that’s mainly affecting high population servers. It’s making for a pretty decent management task for server admins who are hoping a fix will be released for it soon. Other than that performance seems to have levelled out and is providing some pretty smooth sailing for the most part.

As always make sure you go an check out the dev blog for a little more information on that’s been going on.