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UpdatesNovember 11, 2015

The new building system that’s been introduced recently isn’t perfect. For a while players were struggling with the pillar and stability system and found that needing to upgrade pillars before placing walls was a real pain in the ass. Last Friday an update was pushed which included the first release of Building System 2 which saw pillars removed from the edges of foundations and floors and now only placeable in the middle of foundations. This removed the need to be careful about leaving twig pillars inside walls as it’s no longer necessary, but also beefed up pillars for their actual use, supporting floors overhead.

So this is all good in theory, but the stability that came with these changes was flawed and produced a whole new set of problems which led to difficulties in building structures which are sensible in nature, and were possible before, but are now impossible to build. It seemed like the new central pillars weren’t doing their job properly and supporting the load overhead which meant walls were still needed anyway making the pillars even more irritating and somewhat pointless.

A few commits have been saved to the Rust code in the last couple of days that appear to be lining up a fix for the new stability issues. The building system uses components called sockets, namely construction and stability sockets, to join building parts together. The stability is calculated on the fly as buildings are put together. When you place a wall on a foundation it calculates how stable it is based on how stable that foundation is. When you place a roof over that wall it calculates its stability based on how stable that wall is, which is in turn based on how stable that foundation is. So there’s a chain there, and if there are any problems in that chain the whole stability system becomes screwed up.

The tweaks that were made in the last day or so include ensuring that building stability is supported by both construction and stability sockets, seemingly it was only one of them before, or some other simpler more problematic system was in use. Further, stability is calculated by following male entity links only. Building sockets are made up of a male and female part depending on their direction, presumably their vertical orientation determines this, so the direction that stability is calculated is important, a foundations stability isn’t dictated by the wall built on it, it’s the other way around.

It’s all very wordy and quite complicated but it looks like there will be some much welcomed fixes for the stability system on the way. We’re certainly looking forward to building nice solid bases rather than Jenga towers.