Let’s get wet playing with Flame Throwers!

UpdatesApril 15, 2016

These little mid-wipe patches don’t often yield a lot of crazy new stuff but this patch we got a couple of cool little items, one of which is going to become part of a much larger game mechanic.

The first of these items is the Flame Thrower. This pretty little thing consumes low grade fuel like a fat kit consumes a muffin but it is absolutely spectacular. It has no issues destroying wood construction and with enough fuel it’ll get you through stone. It goes without saying that if you wanted to prepare some BBQ Newman it’ll also prove quite useful in the catering department. Like every new item it’ll be balanced over the next few patches and there are plans to set it up so you can set players on fire with it. Savage.

The second of the items, which is really two items as a set is the Water Bucket and Water Barrel. Currently obtaining water in the world is done either by finding bottles of water or setting out a water catcher and waiting patiently until mother nature presents her goods. The Water Bucket allows you to go to a lake or a river and scoop up 1000ml of water. You have to keep it active to keep the water but when you’re ready you can throw it out over anything you want, players, fire, the ground, or onto a Water Barrel. If you throw it onto a Water Barrel or Barrels it’ll slowly fill them. In saying that the most efficient way to fill the Water Barrel is to go into your inventory and transfer it. Waste not want not people.

The Water system is part of a much larger set of game mechanics around health, fire, and agriculture that are set to be improved over the coming months. Some work has been put into Planters which will allow you to start farming your goods inside the base as they can be placed on foundations. It’ll be interesting to see where this ends up.

There have been some other small changes that are always worth reading about in the Devblog along with some progress on new features on the way so make sure you go and check them out.