Look under your chairs! You get clothes! You get oil! You get weapons!

UpdatesJuly 25, 2015

I’ve been down and out sick with the plague for the last week and a bit but I’ve finally found the sanity to sit here and write an update on the last couple of weeks of development. It couldn’t have been more well timed actually with last week being as slow as a Texan citizen, so let’s get into it.

Last week team Rust added the female model to the game, albeit only for admins at this point, and people aren’t happy. The complaints have been running rampant on forums complaining about how they don’t want to be a woman, and if they are a woman they don’t want as small breasticles as it seems the female model has. Too bad, the female model seems to be here to stay, they are making some adjustments to it to ensure the community is happy, maybe adding a penis, but it’s here to stay, it’s assigned at random, and we think it’s wunderbar.

The Steam inventory has been added now which is dropping bonuses to players based on play time and other metrics. At the moment items of clothing are being rewarded in the form of new shirts and pants, this is also a point of argument on forums regarding pay to win. There are some out there that are horrified of the idea of items being made available by Steam inventory, portable across all servers, making a player overpowered no matter where they go. For the time being Rust has limited it to simple clothing items and they’re still deciding the direction.

Holding Alt no longer just looks over your shoulder, it now allows you to use your mouse to look around and take a gander at the scenery while fleeing from your adversaries. This is being setup to be combined with various augmented reality headsets and systems available for gamers to provide a more solid immersive experience.

There have been some new weapons added to the game over the last couple of weeks including: the Crossbow, Mace, Cleaver, and Longsword. Along with that the Spear has been nerfed and adjustments have been made to nerf hip shooting accuracy.

Gameplay has been shaken up this week with the shuffling around of resources and resource refinement. Most guns and the armoured tier now require High Quality Metal instead of Metal Fragments making it a little bit harder to obtain. You get High Quality Metal by smelting High Quality Metal Ore. Furnaces have always been one of those in game items that a base will have a billion of just to produce a decent level of material quickly but we now have access to the Large Furnace which has a shit load of space and just looks like a bad-ass serious piece of equipment.

The Rust gods introduced the Pump Jack this week which pulls oil from the ground powered by Low Grade Fuel. Oil can be refined in the brand new Small Refinery which is powered by wood, much like the Furnace, and outputs Low Grade Fuel. Now I know you’re getting a real circle of life feel here, perpetual energy, how is that possible, won’t I be wasting fuel, why is the sky blue? The process of powering the Pump Jack and refining its output in the Small Refinery produces more Low Grade Fuel than you’re putting in so it allows you to setup a sustainable production of Low Grade Fuel to power that Mining Quarry.

While we’re mentioning the Mining Quarry, it’s been modified along with the Pump Jack in regards to placement. You can’t just place these guys anywhere you want anymore. You need to throw down a Survey Charge, if it finds something you’ll see the resource sample spew from the ground and it’ll leave a crater on the ground which your Mining Quarry or Pump Jack will snap to when you place it. There’s no point placing these items down when theres nothing there, even though previously the Mining Quarry pulled up stone, it was just a waste.

Along with all of this some of these items can’t be placed inside the building so naturally walls are in order to create a compound of sorts. These didn’t quite make it in this week as they still need some work, but they’re on the way. Walls can still be climbed over by ladder but it appears barbed wire might be getting to the top to help. Currently walls have a Twig Tier with 10 health and a Stone Tier with 1000 health. It takes around 3.5 explosive charges to destroy a Stone wall and a simple hit with your karate chop hand or a bread stick to destroy the Twig wall.

That’s all you’re getting from me this week, it’s time for me to go and continue dying in a corner again with my seemingly terminal common cold. We’re really looking forward to the walls making their debut appearance in upcoming weeks and can’t wait to see how the introduction of the High Quality Metal rebalances the game. On a server note we’re considering shutting down the Hapis Island server for a while and making the Procedural server a bit bigger and our only offering from the next wipe onward. Right now our player base is split over the two and we’d like to see everyone come together a bit closer. It’s not yet decided but we’ll keep you posted.