New blades, performance changes, and still something secret to come.

UpdatesJuly 12, 2015

The developers worked hard on their update last week in order to squeeze out a new secret feature but didn’t quite make it. While it wasn’t a big update it did include a few changes that some of you are going to love.

There are a a couple of new melee weapons included to increase that level of swag each Newman brings to the table. The most popular so far, or on our servers anyway has been the Sword. The only thing the Sword is missing is a suit or armour to make that outfit complete. The other weapon is the Machete which is handy for chopping up Wood or Newmans you don’t particularly fancy.

Land Mines will be changing hopefully in the upcoming update with the ability to disarm and pick them up once clear. Along with this the Land Mine won’t explode until you step off. The stack of Land Mines you can carry per slot will also be increased to 5.

There were a few other changes in the last update concerning game performance, it was a fairly shitty update straight up on Friday (AEST) with the building system turning to garbage right after and fixed by a patch on Saturday. It all looks to be much better now and we’re happy with the performance so far.

We can’t wait to see what comes out this coming week, the surprise feature they’ve got in store is exciting in all sorts of ways, mainly because it’s unknown, hopefully it’s not something simple like hair, or giving the Newmans a limp.