New Gathering Dynamic

UpdatesJune 7, 2015

We took some time to get in test out all of the new features yesterday and one of the things that really stood out was the new gathering system that’s been setup. For those of you who didn’t see the dev blog or update post yesterday, Rust now has items that can be picked up. The items you can pickup from the ground include wood, stones, metal ore, sulphur ore, mushrooms, and hemp, which drops cloth when you grab it.

This is actually really exciting when you consider for a moment what’s possible without killing a single animal or raiding a single barrel or box. Just by picking up wood and stones you can make a stone hatchet. By finding enough hemp along with the wood and stones you can make a bow and arrows, or maybe some clothes. Depending on how much you’ve played, most of us are aware of the pain of losing your rock to breakage and not having any other tools on you at all, it really doesn’t matter now.

Food is the next plus that comes out of this. Without going anywhere near an animal or a Newman you can just grab food from the ground and away you go. During a 30 minute session yesterday while utilising only pickups I managed to get enough food to get that health bar up full, I had enough wood and stones to get a little four by four base going with a furnace, not to mention I was fully clothed, with metal fragments being produced. That’s just crazy! Before the gathering system I was still naked and afraid hours in and I’d died to starvation a few times.

Looking back at Rust just a few days ago without the gathering system and now it feels so much different, new players now have a much better leg up and the whole survival situation is that much more realistic. We can’t wait to see what else is added to the pick up system in the future.