Nitty gritty fixes for the masses.

UpdatesOctober 21, 2015

The team over in the Rust salt mine released a mandatory patch a hour or so ago that fixed a few irritating bugs that sidled in over the last week. There was a fly exploit that was possible with ladders that is no longer possible. The colliders on doors are now fixed so C4 doesn’t David Blane through them and instead stick to the foundation inside, and the river transparency system doesn’t mess with other transparent layers like the Holo Sight anymore.

The other big thing that was patch was the inability to upgrade building parts when you’re standing too close to them. That was a bug that was introduced as part of their fixes to building parts preventing modification while you’re standing on them to hack into rocks etc. You still can’t rotate items when standing on them but you can at least upgrade them when standing on or near which makes sense.

These few bugs were semi-serious to a certain degree and needed to be patched straight away which is why they were forced straight out which does happen from time to time. The Rust team is constantly working on fixes for problems as they arise and it’s important as a community that we report bugs we find so they can sort them out.

If you find a bug in Rust that you think they should be aware of you just need to hit F7 in game and fill out the bug report. This bug reporting system will send the team all they need to know about your system, who you are in case they need to contact you, the way the game is running at that point in time, and of course the message you’re attaching to describe the bug.