Pew pew, the Sentry Turret is nearly here.

UpdatesOctober 23, 2015

With one more week until the patch we’re excited to see the Sentry Turret has finally made it into the dev branch which means it should be live in the next patch. It’s getting a full run this week on the dev branch which allows the team to balance it and ensure it’s not too overpowered, or underpowered, or whatever else could possibly be wrong with it. We’re waiting on the specifics about what’s needed to make the Sentry Turret but it’s a mixture of components found at the helicopter crash site and/or supply drops. This’ll be things like High Quality Metal, a Laptop, and a Camera, for example.

The early/middle game content is getting some love in the near future to try and keep the thrill of playing Rust alive for players as long as possible. After you play for a while you realise there’s more to your Rust life than a Rock and a Torch and getting access to blueprints for more advanced technology is half the excitement of playing Rust. We can’t wait to see what drops off the production line in the coming weeks to months in this area.

We have new sign and picture frame shapes on the way shortly that’ll allow players to jazz up the area or inside their base with some of the super cool artwork that people are drawing in game. These are more decorative elements but it’s amazing what a difference they make. If you had to choose between a blank wall or a wall decorated with pictures of Dick Butt I think you know what the answer is there.

We’re moving into the territory of more throwable things with this weeks changes including the all new and improved throwable Rock. Not only can you cut down trees, chip away at ore, and bludgeon other players with it, but you can now throw it at players as well which will probably lead to more than a few decent beach battle videos made up solely of a community rock fight. We can’t wait!

The new Drone concept got some more love this week and is moving further and further to a playable prototype. They’re still working on the models and concepts for how it’s all going to work but the potential to fly a camera around the map to have a stickybeak at things that aren’t yours will be pretty damn amazing. Not much information at the moment available so watch this space.

As with any development week it’s also been about performance changes and bug fixes. Shadows got some much needed attention which should hopefully prevent your FPS dropping out completely when moving around huge buildings, time will tell. The team is really trucking along on fixes and features and we should see a pretty fun patch next Thursday/Friday.