Poll: Should we wipe more often?

FeedbackOctober 26, 2015

We’re toying with the prospect of increasing our server wipe frequency from the first Friday of every month when forced to by the Facepunch developers to every 2 weeks instead. There are some communities out there that wipe every week and it’s not something we’re interested in doing, nor do we need to, our population isn’t that high and it isn’t necessary.

Ultimately we’d love to wipe once every three weeks but because of the once a month forced wipes we’d end up with a weird overlap and super short server periods which no doubt would ruffle a few feathers.

Different players have different play styles and play Rust for different reasons. For me personally I love a fresh map, I love the opportunity to get into a new space and build something new with the prospect of someone sneaking up behind you and killing you at any moment as you get established. The thrill of that is amazing. The problem for me is once I get established, locked up inside my grand compound/castle like a king I lose interest. The server population isn’t so huge to a degree where raiding every soul on the server is possible, sure a couple will be fine, but we’re a different type of community, it’s more cooperative than it is offensive.

So the question really comes down to, would you be bothered too much if we switched to 2 weekly wipes for a couple of months at least to see how it feels from a gameplay point of view? Would you be open to trying that out for a period of time. We don’t want to lose our dedicated player base for the sake of a short trial, but if we can keep Rust feel fresh for as long as possible then the benefits there far outweigh a couple of losses.

Get your hands all over the poll below and let us know where you stand.