Procedural or Hapis Island Server?

GeneralMay 24, 2015

Before the new version of Rust was born there was one static map that every server used. When it was changed to the new “Experimental” version, which is now the current version, the developers moved to a procedural map instead which uses a Seed (random number) and a Size to generate a random map that’s decorated with trees, rocks, and other decorations at random.

The Rust developers have spent a tonne of time working on the Procedural map generation system but older players really wanted a fixed map back again which is where the Hapis Island map was inspired from. Hapis Island is the same map on all servers and it’s been hand carved and decorated by the Rust developers from scratch and as such it’s still a work in progress. The Hapis map features a loop road which runs around the entire map with Rad Towns (radiation affected towns) featured every now and then which you can pickup great loot from.

We’ve got two servers running with a Procedural map and the Hapis Island map to throw in a little variety. Some players prefer one over the other. Take a look at both as well as the maps for each and see which one you prefer.