Procgen10, a new blueprint system, overhauled moments, and public machine fixtures.

UpdatesAugust 7, 2015

We always look forward to the wipe at the start of the month, it’s an opportunity to start fresh and give it all another go, especially when there is a drop of new features along with the update and this week did not disappoint.

The wipe this week also came with a blueprint wipe as a result of the blueprint system receiving a massive overhaul. Previously the blueprint drops were random and you’d really have to clench hard while opening crates and barrels hoping you’d get the thing you need. Further to that if you did actually find an item you needed and wanted to research it the 30% chance of losing it was just too much at times. This week we’ve got a new system where crates and barrels will drop Blueprint Fragments. These fragments can be used at a research table to increase the odds of success up to 100% if you have enough. On top of that Blueprint Fragments can be converted to a Blueprint Page, and then pages can be converted to a Blueprint Book, then books can be converted to a Blueprint Library. With these different tiers when you use the four of them they’ll drop different types of blueprints, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare respectively. At the moment this new blueprint system is alongside the old blueprint system but the plan is to completely remove blueprint drops and just drop items in world giving players the opportunity to research them with more luck or roll the dice at different tiers and see what they get back from the blueprint materials.

Procgen10 was introduced this week with a heap of biome look and feel updates and terrain improvements. Notably however the moments were pimped out a little, especially the Sphere. The Sphere is now this hardcore parkour style structure with all sorts of bridges and walkways opening up a new place to explore and fight other players in if necessary. Along with the moment changes there are now public fixtures around the map at various moments and towns which means things like Quarries, Research Tables, Repair Benches, Small Furnaces, and Crude Oil Barrels can be found inside buildings and sheds. This gives a bit of an advantage to solo players or players who can’t yet afford the equipment built near their base. It’s important to note however that the public fixtures will drop less material than their home built counterparts but nonetheless it levels the playing field a little. The last thing worth noting here is you can no longer build around monuments and towns, it’s become a public resource for all rather than a private resource for a couple.

These two items were the major points this week with some other small tweaks made to improve performance, resource balances, etc. It’ll be interesting to see how the new public fixtures play out and what it means for solo players.