Procgen9 incoming, brace for a wipe.

UpdatesJuly 3, 2015

We’re about to kick off a new update this week and along with that server wipes across both servers with the introduction of the Procgen9 terrain generation engine and a couple of other things. Let’s get into it.

A few new items have been added for game play this week to bring a bit more swag to your Newmans. The Bone Club is the newest weapon available to you by default that should see the rock being used less and less in naked combat. The Bone Club will set you back 20 bone fragments and will take around 30 seconds to put together. There’s some new head wear in the form of a Riot Helmet that’s sure to make other Newmans double take you as you walk past. It’s not a default blueprint so you’ll have to find it before you can wear it and it’s only real use is to protect yourself from melee damage.

The Land Mine is finally in after a few touch and go moments during development. We weren’t sure if it would make it but it did. This gem will kill you if you walk over it, it’s really that simple. During testing we died instantly the moment it went off despite our health. This is also not a default blueprint and will also need to be found.

Procgen9 is in this week which is the reason for the forced map wipes. Whenever the Procgen9 engine is changed, or anything related to terrain is changed, we have to wipe, it just makes sense, otherwise you’ll end up with things stuck in the ground or floating above the ground, etc. Procgen9 introduces new topology around the desert making it look that little bit more sandy and rocky, and improves the lines between the different biomes so they’re not so dramatic.

Cheaters are really starting to piss server admins off and no doubt players as well. These asshats come along and clip through walls just to take all your stuff and trash the rest in spite. EAC has been having a real hard time defending against cheaters especially now that there’s a refund system in place on Steam, cheaters don’t care if they get banned, they just refund and buy again. Rust is trying out some new cheat detection this week to detect people moving through walls and other funky things so hopefully this will trim down the douche bags a bit. As always if you find a cheater please report them, we’ll happily remove them from our servers.

Other than these there are a couple of other small changes, ore nodes have been adjusted and yield less, however the number of ore nodes has been increased to balance out. The Torch does more damage now when you hit someone with it and it has an increased durability. The Water Pipe Shotgun is now a default blueprint costing just 300 Wood and 100 Metal Frags. Fires do more damage and slow your movement so keep those nuts off the fire and toast them safely in the Furnace instead. Air Drops are no longer dropping 8 Mining Quarries in stacks, but are dropping more Survey Charges instead, this makes more sense.

Happy survival and happy base building!