Pumpjacks are gone!

UpdatesNovember 20, 2015

Changes often come along that end up causing the community to self destruct and the removal of Pumpjacks in this update is one of those that will be sure to entertain on the Facepunch forums and Reddit. The decision was made to remove the Pumpjacks after it was decided that they’re far too overpowered and are leading to a game where players just sit in side their bases, occasionally rotating the stock in their pumps to the Refineries, and forward into other Pumpjacks and Quarries etc. Pumpjacks gave way to a fairly boring and monotonous style of gameplay that has been described as the “antithesis of Rust”. It took a little time to swallow this pill when we received the update but generally we agree. We’ve even found ourselves slotted into the role of full time Pumpjack managers leaving no other time to raid or explore. While we’re going to miss them we are looking forward to the classic Rust gameplay returning, and are even more excited for their return in the future with other awesome things.

The M249 is finally in! As described in previous updates this is a serious piece of hardware that will tear a tonne of Newmans to pieces and we can’t wait to see it in action around the map. It’s not a user craft-able item, you have to find this thing. Its accuracy received a nerf when you’re moving which makes it a weapon suitable for only stationary while crouched use only. Along with this nerf the AK47 and the Bolt have also received the same adjustment, which is now known as the “new” recoil penalty. This makes them fairly useless unless you’re standing still or crouching. These nerfs are going to need some adjustment to ensure they’re just right in the coming weeks but they’re a great change which make way for other weapons to be those of choice while running or moving.

The Blueprint system has received a little love this patch. In this iteration the Blueprint system will try to avoid giving you a duplicate blueprint. You’ll still get a random item based on the tier that you’re unlocking, but it should alleviate a little stress associated with spending all of those frags or their descendants and winning something you already have. Theres still more work going on with this system and it’s been indicated that the Blueprint system as we know it will be gone soon enough, so watch this space.

Finally, the last major patch this week is associated with the building system. It was rekt in the last iteration with stability being absolutely screwed. This has been overhauled along with some other changes made to help get it all stable and a bit more sensical. In the words of Facepunch we should “observe a much more predictable stability system and far less building exploits and general awkwardness”. The 5m exclusion zone for cupboards was apparently removed also and we’re breathing a sigh of relief. While we can see the point made last patch about building cupboards too close, and we agreed, the actual implementation was poor and left huge holes in base defences instead.

Theres still a tonne in progress which we’ll cover in future updates, but be sure to check out the devblog ahead of time for a sneak peak at what else is coming up.