Rules, we know, what a thrilling topic, nobody wants to talk about rules, but it’s a topic we need to cover so get comfortable. Rules are important to keep some kind of order on our server and to set a baseline level of acceptable behaviour so everyone knows where they stand with our moderators at any time. We don’t like to over-police the Rustfanatic community but we also don’t want any behaviour that will hinder our community, after all, gaming is all about fun and we need to keep it that way. Let’s get into it.


This one is super easy. If you’re using cheats or have a cheating history you’ll definitely be excluded from our community. This includes owning previous accounts that were caught up in cheats or participating in gameplay with friends that use cheats and it was shown you were aware of it. At the end of the day why would you want to cheat, you’re only cheating yourself by ruining the intended feel of the game. You can appeal a decision made based on your cheating history but we are very strict and rarely grant exceptions.


The internet is a hostile place and some people take events that happen online in chat or otherwise way too seriously. This sort of thing can sometimes lead to threatened violence or the likes. This is why we have a no Doxxing rule. It’s not cool to publish the personal details of anyone, including yourself, it’s too risky for unwanted attention. If you need to discuss any personal matters it’s best to add that person on Steam and do it there. If you are excluded from our community for Doxxing you can never return.


Why be someone else when you can be yourself! Theres no reason at all to impersonate another player. Super short, super simple, just don’t do it.

Hate Speech

We have a server filled with a diverse range of races, genders, religions, and sexual preferences. Most people aren’t aware that the things they’re saying in chat are deeply offensive to other players, this includes what they’re using as a username. We won’t tolerate Hate Speech of any kind, no exceptions. If you draw attention to yourself by being hateful we will exclude you from our community.

Excessive Foul Language

This is not an Amish run community. We’re not super catholic, we’re not super snobby, but we don’t appreciate Excessive Foul Language. When it gets to an excessive level it becomes a form of pollution that nobody wants to listen to in chat. Feel free to go with your fucks and shits, but don’t make it every word you use. If you need to load your sentence with 90% profanity there’s probably a better way you can word it to get the same message across and in a more effective way.


Repeating yourself over and over again is just crazy. Like Excessive Foul Language it’s another form of chat pollution we don’t have room for. Chat is an amazing tool for organising meet ups with other players for trade or crafting, or just for general chit chat with other players on the server. When someone starts spamming the chat it makes it difficult for other players to find the information they need when they need it, it’s also hugely distracting.


Don’t advertise on our community. Nice and simple. We are ok with YouTube or Twitch channels having their profile name in their username, but it should never be broadcasted in chat. Advertising other servers is also not acceptable. If the grass truly is greener on the other side then disconnect quietly and head on over there. We want players to find a community that suits them perfectly and with the huge number of servers available that should never be an issue.

Toxic Behaviour

Our final rule can seem a bit vague at first but it really is very simple. Players who are consistently negative have a massive impact on other players in the community ruining their experience. Toxic Behaviour can be constant aggression in chat, to a level where it might be perceived as unbalanced or unnecessary. It can be in the form of a player that camps spawn beaches and kills fresh spawn players as soon as they join the server. Another excellent example is a player that will intentionally disrupt the gameplay of a fresh player trying to get themselves setup for nothing more than personal entertainment. It’s not a rule that all with agree with but it is a rule we include and we use from time to time to remove players that are not a good fit for our community. Our moderators are always on the lookout for players that have no interest in contributing any value and we remove them as needed.