Salt water is on the boil and grow houses become possible.

UpdatesMay 13, 2016

We got a tiny little update this week but the changes that came with it are of course worth mentioning. The first and most notable of these is the introduction of the Water Purifier. When placed over a camp fire you can load the Water Purifier up with salt water and it will boil it down to consumable water instead! Along with this your hydration levels have now been adjusted to 250 max instead of 500 max to get Newman’s drinking more water more often. The whole hydration and water mechanic is getting a little bit detailed, the way it should be, and it adds just one more dimension of complexity that you’ll need to consider when trying to survive.

The female model was added in the last few weeks but she was missing some female unique clothing options. This week the Halter Neck top and Skirt were added as a clothing option which can even be worn by the male model if you’d prefer something more revealing.

If you’re reading this post around 4:20 you’ll be pleased to hear that Hemp is now farmable. When you pick up wild hemp you’ll receive 10 Cloth and 1 Hemp seed. The Hemp Seed can be planted to grow more hemp which will give you 10 Cloth again when harvested. Along with the other farmable items this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is in the pipeline and it’s coming along really nicely.

All servers had a bit of trouble in recently with different hacks being discovered and players exploiting those to their advantage. The first of those was a “no clip” hack allowing players to remotely loot boxes and players. The second hack allowed players to hit other players with projectiles involving no projectile flight at all, effectively insta-hitting the recipient. Both of these have now been fixed and the anti-hack system baked into the Rust server has been tweaked to be a little more aggressive. Hacks, or cheats as we prefer to call them, ruin the game for everyone and any additions that allow us to weed out the asshats that use them are well received.

As we said, a tiny patch, but some cool little additions. We’re looking forward to seeing the XP levelling system in the future but with Garry welcoming his new kid to the world the development has been a little bit slower. As always we’ll keep you up to date as we know more.