Server performance upgrades, map wipe, blueprint wipe, Helicopter rebalance, and a new map generator. Phew!

UpdatesOctober 2, 2015

It’s update day and from a server point of view we’re pretty excited. We’ve decided on this occasion after consulting with regular players to wipe blueprints along with the forced map wipe. It creates a level playing field and brings a component of fun back into the game, finding items.

Along with the wipe this week we’ve also rebranded the maps we use on Rustfanatic. We’ve developed a new tool (in the form of an oxide extension) in house called Cartographer that’s a huge work in progress and it allows us to generate brighter, more high resolution map imagery. A lot of people use the Rust:IO tool to generate their maps and we were finding they weren’t working being so dark and low resolution. We reached out to the developer of Rust:IO but received no response at all so naturally it was time to get cracking on our own tool and Cartographer was born. It’s not photorealistic like Rust:IO but it gets the job done. If you have any suggestions make sure to use our contact form to get in contact or jump in TeamSpeak when we’re online to discuss.

Quite often we’ll see on the Facepunch Forums or Reddit complaining about optimisation not being focused on and other useless features being built instead so Garry has spent the last week overhauling the networking and object allocation code to get the server running smoothly. In particular he’s paid attention to colliders which should hopefully prevent huge servers from having to wipe every week. So far we’ve seen a bit of an improvement from the server side, we’re chewing up less memory and a lot less RAM which will mean less lag and lockups when you’re playing on the client end.

The Helicopter was a real hit in the last two weeks with The Helicopter Hunters clan forming on our server dedicating their time to taking it down and claiming its glorious loot. As a first test the Helicopter might have been a bit too weak and this weeks update confirms that with changes across the board. The guns now fire faster and do a little more damage. There’s a larger gap between those gun bursts allowing you to poke your head out and do your worst. The tail rotor and engine, as weak spots, now have 2.5x health and they are a lot harder to hit. The weak points on the Helicopter will also now only start smoking when they get down to 50% health, not after a single bullet. A huge addition is napalm, this will prevent campers from hanging around walls and will make it a hell of a lot harder to solo. Oh and if you noticed that Building Blocked would prevent the Helicopter firing rockets at you, yeah that’s not the case anymore, it’ll tear your base to pieces. Finally the gibs (rubble, or wreckage) that litter the ground after the Helicopter crash can now be harvested for resources, perfect.

The bow has had a bit of a strip down to make it less overpowered. Previously it was simple to get a single shot kill with some decent aim while other weapons required a bit more effort to make that happen. Obviously in that state it was pretty unbalanced and needed to be addressed. You’ll still be able to take down another player with the bow but you will need some pretty decent aim and an opportunity at landing two shots.

The Small Stash is back and while we shouldn’t find this so exciting we definitely do. It’s such a simple concept. It’s a place where you can hide things like spare keys or a spare gun to find later. The concept is simple, you place it down and store things in it. If you want to bury it there is also the option to do so, once buried the Small Stash is not visible at all, to you or other players, unless you are within 2 meters of it and look at where it’s sitting for a longer period of time, more than a glance.

Some small changes this week but room for larger changes over the next couple of weeks. The performance changes were overdue and it’s a welcome change. We look forward to seeing larger changes coming soon based on some of the murmurs coming out of Facepunch.