Surprise! There was no patch last week week.

UpdatesSeptember 13, 2015

Rust development shifted into a new gear this past week as Garry made a poll available to everyone asking them how far apart they’d like the patches to be. With a tonne of replies it was clear that people were happy with either weekly or 2 weekly updates and 2 weekly is what Garry went with. So this past Friday involved no update on the client and server at all however the team is in progress on new items. The benefit of spacing the patches out by two weeks should be a better quality patch every time, with bigger new features, and less bugs.

The last game patch, including wipe, introduced the a new version of the Procgen terrain generation engine resulting in some more severe terrain around cliff edges and the like. On top of that we’ve seen the first of the weapon attachments make their debut in the form of the Silencer. The introduction of weapon attachments is an exciting one which brings back elements of Rust from the legacy days with the next item on the way being the Holosight, so it appears to be full steam ahead in the weapons department.

In the pipeline over the next coming weeks are new Radtowns and dungeon style industrial facilities for players to get in and up in each others faces in. Following the augmentation of the ball, or onion as some call it, there appears to be a clear want for monuments of this kind.

Apart from these changes there was some other tweaking, a new tiny arena style map was introduced called Savas Island for those who run servers of that kind, and as always some performance tweaks. It’s working checking out over on the Dev Blog so make sure you do so.