The building system is changing in some big ways.

UpdatesNovember 5, 2015

The Rust production line has been busy as balls this week with a tonne of commits flowing through surrounding building system changes and the like which has been aptly named Building System 2.

The building system in Rust has been fairly good to date but it’s really starting to outgrow it’s flexibility and sensical nature. This is especially so when it comes to things like the stability system. As we’ve all been told over and over again we should be placing pillars between every wall and on every level to make sure a building is super strong, but this just isn’t the case. Pillars in our new Rust, as opposed to legacy, were never designed to be used between walls as a support material, but rather in open space to hold up large overhanging spans of flooring etc. Tonnes of tweaks have been introduced along with a new building socket system that prevents walls being placed between pillars, and also moves pillars to be placed in the middle of both types of foundations instead of around the edges. This should address the common complaint of people being unable to upgrade a pillar once it’s been encased in walls while at the same time yielding the same stability people are hunting for.

Along with the socket system and pillar system changes the window bars and doors were removed from the building planner. Don’t panic too quickly, these items are now craftable instead. What the shit I hear you say? The intention here is that different kinds of doors can be crafted, different types of window fittings like bars, shutters, blinds, etc, can be crafted, and they can all be fitted to the single standard door frame or window frame. Once a door has been placed in it’s frame it can also be removed and placed elsewhere, for this to be possible however it needs to be open and have no lock on it. Further, naturally, both doors and shutters and the like are completely repairable. It’s also worth mentioning that foundation stairs are way steeper now, much more than they used to be, unsure what the goal is here but they really get to the point of being stairs now rather than meandering their way up or down.

Do you remember when they removed half blocks and the entire Rust community lost its shit? Well it looks like a replacement is already inbound in the form of shelves! It’s not that Garry didn’t want us to have shelves, it’s just that he didn’t want them built in some dicky fashion using the half block. Further to this do you remember when people lost their shit about the inability to create shooting slits in their buildings? We do, we remember fondly. However it looks like work is being done on Embrasures (you might need to google that) to allow players to build little shooting holes into their walls instead.

In some more interesting news it looks as though the team has added the ability to salt a server. Salting means that you can specify a parameter now, that’s unique for your server, that will result in any random number generated by that server being different from another. Random numbers in computing aren’t really that random, with the same salt three different computers will produce the same sequence of “random” numbers. This is especially important when it comes to resource distribution. As you all know we have a tool called Cartographer which allows you to generate resource maps for your server. We’ve had to adjust it to accept Salt now along with Seed and Size in order to generate the maps. This will probably affect a players ability to generate maps for servers they play on rather than servers they own as I’m sure the salt will be private and not viewable by players. If this is how the change has been made then we definitely agree with the move. It should be up to the server owners to release maps and resource maps for their servers, not sneaky players.

We’ve seen some other commits also coming in about footprints. Since the introduction of footprints it’s been super easy tracking a player or animal and these things have been getting an increased amount of love to get them right. Of course there was other housekeeping done around sounds and icons, etc, etc, but it’s not worth the coverage right this second until it’s a bit clearer.

The building changes are mega exciting and we’re pumped for a wipe this week and a fresh building opportunity to arise to test it all out!