The caves are getting a huge overhaul.

UpdatesOctober 22, 2016

The team has been working hard on the new cave system for Rust to replace the existing caves with something a little more extraordinary. Currently on the prerelease branch we’ve been able to take a quick look at it all as it’s being developed and give you a quick run down of what to expect when it launches, hopefully with the next forced wipe on the 4th of November.

Each of the cave systems present at the surface in a number of different ways, sometimes similar to the caves you used to see, or perhaps as a huge industrial shaft topped with a grill, or even a classic mine shaft entrance throwing off that gold rush feel. Along with this a lot of caves will also feature a separate exit similar to a rabbit warren.

The new caves are very disorienting and range in size and complexity from small to large, and easy to hard, with every combination in between. The goal is to force you down through the cave one way, sometimes with no opportunity to go back. Along the way you’ll come across sections that require you to parkour across, punji traps that are there to kill you instantly if you slip, or even sections you’ve already been in because you’ve accidentally done a full circle while getting lost. At the very bottom if you make it you’ll find zones that you can build in marked with rectangles of logs in the ground. Depending on the size of the cave system you’re in you’ll find a few building zones at the bottom.

As we mentioned above the caves often feature an exit tunnel that prevents people from getting in by way of a huge drop to the bottom. The only way to traverse this space is by using the bucket system that lifts you up and down from bottom to top and back again and is only controllable from the bucket itself. The exit tunnel is usually positioned connected to one of the building zones and a savvy player will build and block that area in order to completely control the use of the exit exclusively. It serves as a secret entrance in and out of an underground base or an emergency exit when being raided from the front.

This new cave system is great and it looks even better. It has an amazing look and feel and combined with the ambient sounds and echos it really feels like a world away from everything else that’s on the surface. We can’t wait for the next forced wipe and the introduction of the caves, and we know you’re going to love them as well.