The Mining Quarry is very real and nearly here!

Items UpdatesJune 12, 2015

Ok so this is the shit. It didn’t make it into the update this week due to time constraints but the Mining Quarry made it into the development release and we had a chance to play with it. Actually scratch that, hours after this post the Rust development team decided they’d just push the update anyway so the Survey Charge and Mining Quarry are now live for all to get busy with.

Rust has just started the idea of passive resource collection. The first tool that does that is the Water Catcher. The second is the Mining Quarry and it’s able to mine various resources like Stones, Sulphur Ore, Metal Ore, and Metal Fragments.

To get started you need to have yourself some Survey Charges which aren’t default blueprints. These things will set you back 30 Gun Powder, 5 Cloth, and 10 Metal Fragments. The Survey Charge is used on terrain to see which resources are available for mining. When you throw it out like a grenade it’ll eventually explode and if there are resources available to mine they’ll shoot out of the ground all over the place.

Once you’ve found a nice place to mine you’ll need to make yourself a Mining Quarry which is also not a default blueprint. The Mining Quarry will set you back 10000 Wood, 1750 Metal Fragments, and 500 Cloth. The Mining Quarry has 2500 health at the moment which makes it pretty strong but it’s probably best to keep it locked up somewhere away from Newmans with ill-intent.

Once you’ve got your Mining Quarry setup you’ll need to load it up with some Low Grade Fuel, you didn’t think it’d be free to operate did you? The Low Grade Fuel goes into one of the two barrels at the end of the Mining Quarry and it holds a shitload. The next thing you’ll need to do is climb to the top of the Mining Quarry rig and switch the engine on.

The sounds of that engine firing up and seeing that belt start moving was one of the most exciting and somewhat erotic experiences we’ve ever experienced in Rust. Once it’s kicking over and running you’ll be able to go to the bottom and check the drum at the other end from the fuel barrels, it’ll eventually start filling up without any effort at all, well maybe a little.

No longer will you need to go out and bust your ass mining resources for your castle, this machine does it for you, so why not kick back and relax with a beverage of your choice and revel in your glory.