The Rock

ItemsMay 28, 2015

The Rock is one of two items you start with when you join the world as a fresh Newman. It is probably the single most important tool you will ever use, it kick starts everything you are working towards. You can use the rock to bash trees to get wood. It can be used to bash rocks on the ground to gather ore and stones. It can be used to bash other Newmans should they look at you the wrong way or cross into your turf. It’s a super versatile object so look after it.

When you first get into Rust you’ll want to start gathering wood and stones as soon as possible so you can make other tools and move away from the use of your Rock. Try to get yourself setup with a stone hatchet and stone pick axe as soon as possible, they both gather more resources per hit, but also enables you to keep that rock as a backup for when your tools break. Speaking of durability, we’ve mentioned previously that tools break after a period of time and so does your Rock, be careful. One other thing that’s worth mentioning right now is that tools are designed for specific purposes, don’t misuse them otherwise they will be gone faster than a Twinkie at a weight watchers meeting.

Treasure the rock, love it, treat it with the respect it deserves, and don’t forget to Rock on!