The server is still online, we also have a full forced wipe coming this week.

UpdatesJuly 13, 2016

Don’t panic! The server is still online. We just moved it to larger hardware to get that performance increase we’ve been hunting for. At around 10am AEST/Brisbane this morning we shutdown and moved the server over to new hardware along with which came a new IP Address. The new IP Address means that the server will no longer show up in your history and you’ll need to search for it in the server list.

We’ve also found out this morning that Facepunch will be forcing a complete wipe of all servers, that’s map and XP, this Friday, 15th July. We will be wiping around 7-8am.

We’re very well aware that this absolutely sucks. This release of the XP system has been an absolute train wreck and it’s finally just caught up to Facepunch. You can read their thoughts on it here. Hopefully this will be the last screw up for a while on their behalf and we can get back to the business of running an excellent community.