There’s something fishy about this update…

UpdatesMay 6, 2016

The snow biome is back and this excites us! This was always our favourite area on the older maps. It was a place for more established players to setup in what was somewhat of a noob free zone being that it’s too cold to hang about in without gear. It’s where it used to be, in the north, but smaller and less arctic, nonetheless it’s back and we’re keen to go all ultimate survival Alaska up there. With the snow biome the altitude based snow areas are also larger.

Along with the snow biome there’s been an update to the procedural terrain generation with new mountains for each biome, powerlines, layout changes, and a change in spawned pickup items. Pickups such as mushrooms have been moved into the forest where you’d expect to find them which lines up with ore being around rock clutter etc. This organisation of pickup items was done so it’s easy to get a bearing to where you’d expect to find what you’re after. If you want food or wood, head to the forest, if you’re after ore, find a rocky area in the distance and head to that.

All through April the team has been working on Dungeon art to replace those horrible grey box models that occupied the space. This update those changes have been rolled in and they just look amazing. At first the new monuments were amazing, even if they were flat and grey and weird, bit now that they’re textured they’re just incredible.

Stack sizes have received a little bit of a buff with empty cans and most food like granola and chocolate now stacking to 10, charcoal stacking to 1000, and 556 rounds stacking to 100. While a subtle change this makes empty cans a little more valuable and worth holding onto in order to smelt them to frags and also makes it a bit easier to carry more ammo when expecting to be in a battle for a while.

Speaking of food we’ve now got a new tool for catching food, it’s the Survival Fish Trap! This thing is really quite cool and was inspired by this video on YouTube. As a default blueprint you just build this trap and place it somewhere along the coastline with some food in it. After a while you should come back to fish in your trap. With this addition Human Meat is now salty and will dehydrate you if you eat it. There’s no problem eating it if you insist on murdering fresh spawns, but just make sure you have a decent supply of water, like a river.

The Auto Turret is now family friendly with a new Peacekeeper Mode. In this mode it will only target players who have a weapon out or who have dealt damage to another player recently nearby. This is really useful for community outposts or safe zones to provide some sort of policing and it’s likely we’ll look at setting up some noob zones in the future using this new feature.

This was a fairly detailed update with a lot of polishing and Rust is looking greater than ever. With this update we’ve wiped our map as it was forced and we’ve also wiped our Blueprints so it’s time to get hunting.