Week 21/2015 Updates

UpdatesMay 22, 2015


This week saw the introduction of the Ladder into Rust which is going to change the gameplay dynamic significantly. You can place a ladder along a wall regardless of whether you have build permission or not and even better you can place a ladder up the side of rocks. This is going to make base raiding so much more simpler and probably generate a tonne of new base designs that were inspired by the need to protect Newmans from this handy new tool.

PvP Collisions

Newmans aren’t ghosts, they’re real, they have feelings, and the ability to be able to walk through another Newman has been fixed. Collisions have been enabled between Players which means there’ll be a whole lot more bumping into each other and awkward touching going on in tiny bases. It’s a great addition and makes things a little bit more realistic. Until we get a moshpit style situation going on it’ll be hard to tell just how frustrating it’ll be but in the meantime it’s an excellent way to get in the way of other Newmans.

Mushroom Collisions

These tiny little bastards were horrible when trying to get around the map or fleeing from other players,. They stop you dead in your tracks and you have to jump or walk around them to get away. The collisions have been removed from these when it comes to players which’ll make movement a hell of a lot nicer.

Status Command

Previously only admins could use the status command to see who was connected to a server, steam id’s, latency, and other details. Players can now use this command to see the same information using the Console System found in the F1 menu. Don’t forget, if you’re on a mac you’ll need to add a space to the end for it to work.

Server Browser Filtering

We saw a graph recently that showed the growth numbers of Rust servers popping up and it’s huge. Browsing through the server list was previously a journey in itself. Thankfully we have the start of some filtering options which will hopefully grow and make finding the right server easier in the future.

Anti-cheat Ban Announcements

Hackers, we hate them, they ruin the gameplay, and we don’t want them on the server. When a Newman is banned because of EAC (anti-cheat) they’ll be named and shamed for other players to see, this is how it should be. Of course if you come across someone hacking or exploiting Rust in some way you should still report them but this is fantastic.