Week 22/2015 Updates

UpdatesMay 29, 2015

Server Troubles

We started the week with server troubles this week. We did have our servers running in Sydney but the host we were using weren’t happy with the DDoS attention we were gathering so they asked us to move the server. Both of our servers are now running around 40ms away from Sydney which still keeps those ping times low but puts them a little bit forward in the list instead of poll position. Once we’d move them to their new location however we suffered a 6 hour internet outage which couldn’t have been more badly timed. We’re working on finding a better host shortly to get Rustfanatic back towards the top of the list.

No Update

There was no update this week with the Rust team working hard on a large number of changes set to go live next week. Some of the performance items have already gone live but you’ll have to wait for all the good stuff below next week.

Menu Tweaks

There were various tweaks to the user interface this week which made the layout of things a little nicer to look at. It was all getting a bit hectic to look at which is what you’d expect from a game that’s growing every day. The new user interface for adjusting game performance settings is cleaner.

Crafting UI

There’s a new crafting UI and it’s just straight up sexy! We’re back to the days of showing ingredients and being able to adjust quantity which is excellent for when you want to produce more than one of an item. This means less RSI and more mass production! The Crafting UI also included the crafting queue which shows what’s pending to be crafted, how long, and gives you the chance to cancel it.

Miners Hat

The new Miners Hat is just excellent. It’s the first non yellow player light in the game and works just like the Candle Hat does. You’ll get few minutes out of this bad boy, a little bit longer than the Candle Hat, and you’ll look less like a knob when wearing it.

Pie Menu Changes

The Pie Menus now have a different colour, they’re Rust Red. It’s a nice simple change but ties the UI look and feel together tighter than it was before. The Pie Menu now also shows the ingredients required to perform that action so there’s no more guessing!

Auto Transmit Voice

I don’t know about you, but when I’m running around trying to gain the attention of other Newmans, having to press V as I try to sing Ave Maria is just annoying. You’ll soon find an option in the menu to Auto Transmit your voice when you’re speaking to make life a little bit easier.

Next Week

There’s going to be a wipe next week as the Rust team pushes out a significant update to Rust with some terrain generation changes in store, which also includes the Hapis Island map. Spend the next week saying goodbye to your bases and get ready for some nice updates with some nice new maps next week.