Week 23/2015 Updates

UpdatesJune 5, 2015

The latest patch is out after a two week stretch of development and it’s brilliant. Here’s what happened in the last week.

Arrows Stick

Arrows now stick out of things when they’re shot which looks really cool. When you shoot an animal and kill it the arrow will no longer drop to the ground, it’ll stay there proud, right where you left it, marking the moment of that glorious kill.

Throwable Spears

Yeah this one is going to make life fun. The spear is probably one of the most used items to kill Newmans other than the rock when it comes to close quarters combat. This thing can be thrown now making it a really nice ranged weapon to be a pest with. The Rust developers have mentioned they have other items in the works that they’ll make throwable so we can’t wait to find out what’s going on there.

Grass Displacement

When a Newman or Animals walk over grass it displaces now which is handy for tracking your next meal.

Pick Ups

This is probably one of the coolest things this week. A pick up system has been introduced allowing Newmans to pick up mushrooms, rocks, ore, and wood. There have also been some recent commits to the source code mentioning hemp which will drop cloth when you grab it. This change will probably welcome in a community of passive Newmans, living off the land, otherwise known as more food for the more aggressive Newmans.

Health Bars

There are now health bars on cupboards, camp fires, furnaces, and storage boxes. Now when you’re trashing someones place by hand you’ll have a decent idea of how long it’s going to take.

New Ammo

Are you tired of firing those same old bullets from your gun? Well the Rust developers have introduced new ammo types. Of those two are worth special mention, the explosive rounds, and the incendiary rounds. The first does exactly what it sounds like, on hit it’ll give off a bit more damage in the form of an explosion. The second starts fires and burns things all around it. The theme this week is destruction and we think they nailed it.

Performance & Appearance

This update seems to be providing a lot of Newmans with a huge FPS boost. Along with this the introduction of HDR has resulted in stunning scenes with the colours and lighting more vibrant. Sometimes it’s just worth stopping and watching the sun come up or set before you continue eating your cooked human flesh.

We’re looking at some other great stuff coming up in future weeks including ore mining systems, electrical systems, and some modifications to the furnace to make it bigger. Enjoy this update, it’s a great one! To read about other changes this week don’t forget to checkout the Dev Blog over at Rust.