We’re not The Louvre, but we’ll do.

GeneralApril 11, 2016

Each and every map iteration we come across a tonne of player art that either shows a tonne of effort, is just funny in some way, clever, or classic Rust artwork and it’s a shame that with each wipe we lose all of that hard work.

We’re going to start putting together galleries of works that we think should be preserved in time for you to all marvel at after every wipe. There are normally a tonne of images and it takes a couple of days for us to filter through them all and put up the ones we think should be public.

We’ve just put up the gallery for 18th March 2016 – 7th April 2016 so go take a look! You might just recognise some of your work. You can find the menu containing the current gallery and in future previous galleries in the sidebar on the right, or if you’re on mobile at the bottom.

For this particular gallery we had to boil down 1200 images to 74 images filtering out all the garbage, racism, excessive swearing etc, but kept the good stuff plus a couple of examples of typical stuff.

We hope you enjoy!